Solomon Islands

Almost one thousand islands surrounded by 5,750 square kilometres of reef ensures there are ample snorkelling opportunities just about everywhere you go in the Solomon Islands. The Solomon Islands are located within a wider area known as the Coral Triangle, whose waters have been nominated as one of Oceania’s seven natural wonders and described as the ‘Amazon of the ocean’ for the huge diversity of corals and tropical marine life that call it home. Nearly 500 species of hard and soft corals and 1,000 reef fish species, dolphins, rays, sharks and six out of seven marine turtle species can be found in Solomon waters.

A snorkelling adventure is one of the best ways to discover the amazing underwater world of the Solomon Islands. Be surrounded by a myriad of colourful reef fish and bright corals. Search for clown fish, sea cucumbers and sea stars. Watch as white tip and black tip reef sharks, barracuda and jacks patrol amongst the coral gardens. You can even snorkel with manta rays around Uepi Island (in season). There are many ship and plane wrecks from World War II scattered around the islands that are shallow enough to snorkel as well.

All this can be found in perpetually warm, 29˚C sparkling, blue water. So pack your cossies, boardies, rash shirt and snorkelling gear and submerge yourself in the Solomons.