Small ship expedition cruising

Adventure cruises provide an effective means of exploring a region by giving you access to different places and experiences that land lovers will likely might miss out on. Small ship expeditions cover a broad area of coastline or sea, with the ability to stop at smaller ports without the crowds of larger cruise ships. They become your home away from home including on board accommodations, meals, snacks and beverages – unpack just once then kick back and relax, admire the passing scenery, get to know your crew and fellow passengers and immerse yourself in the local towns, lifestyle and culture of life by the water. Most cruises include both water and land-based activities from snorkelling, kayaking or stand up paddle boarding to village experiences, hikes and treks, cultural shows or nature tours.

Relaxed, intimate and experiential – this style of cruising generally does not have swimming pools, fancy restaurants, assigned dinner seatings, formal dress nights, casinos or nightly entertainment – perfect for travellers, both young and old, with an adventurous spirit who love being on the water.