Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands has a number of rewarding hikes for both experienced and beginner hikers through lush rainforest and jungle, along pristine rivers, passing small villages, climbing volcanic peaks or reaching rugged coastlines and coral beaches.

Honiara offers a half-day hike (2-3 hours each way) that follows the river valley to the spectacular 60 metre Tenaru Waterfalls and a short hike to Borare Cascades where you will find a rocky waterfall flowing into a long series of beautiful pools in which to spend the day swimming.

If you’re heading to the West, there is definitely more to explore from easy rainforest walks to adventurous multi-day treks to the volcanic craters. A range of rainforest walks from short to a full day hike are available on Tetepare Island. There is also a rainforest and waterfall walk available from Munda as well as the hard, full day Mt Bao Trek to reach the stones and pillars standing on raised platforms a top Mt Bau representing ancestral spirits.

In Marovo Lagoon on Vangunu Island it is also possible to do some walking or hike up Mt Vangunu volcano.

For the most advanced hikers, Kolombangara Island near Gizo has challenging, but rewarding treks, not only for the breathtaking views, but also for an unforgettable cultural experience. For those short on time or feeling less adventurous, there are one day trips available together with visits to local villages and waterfalls.