The greatest compliment you can give us, is the referral of your family and friends.
Thank you for your trust.

“Uepi Island Resort : Absolutely amazing! Welcoming hosts, fabulous snorkeling, great service, beautiful quiet resort. Wide variety [of food], healthy, fresh and delicious. Soups and desserts to die for:).

Titiru Ecolodge : Welcoming hosts who did everything to make our stay comfortable and fun. They even invited us to church for the Saturday prayer. Beautiful, exclusive resort. Delicious local specialties. Healthy, tasty and fresh [food].

Tetepare : This place is so unique and special that words cannot describe it. Amazing experience, from great snorkeling to jungle hiking and other activities on the island. The place is beautiful, comfortable, and clean. In the middle of the jungle — what can be better? The magnificent island boasts natural wild beauty. Great hospitality. Even though the food wasn’t as great as it was at Uepi or Titiru, you cannot expect the same variety at the uninhabited island. The food was healthy, tasty and fresh. We were very impressed.

Snorkeling : Amazing snorkeling, especially at Uepi and Tetepare. Live coral and wide variety of fish. The best snorkeling we’ve ever done!

Travel Consultant : Thank you so much for everything. You’ve created an amazing trip for us that we’ll remember for years to come. Everything was organized very well, as promised, and all transfers were on time. Thank you!

General Feedback : Big thank you from our family!!! Our trip was wonderful, full of amazing experiences and unexpected adventures. It was very well organized by Thiago and went exactly according to plan. We were surprised by the health and wealth of corals and amazing sea life that surrounded us. We felt so welcome and appreciated by the local people. Their hospitality is unbeatable. We brought home many pictures and videos and most importantly – wonderful memories. Thank you!!!

We will definitely come back. We already miss the islands.”

Aleksandra – Los Angeles, USA (Nov 2018)

“ Oravae is the absolute best setting – over the water and was the perfect place to unwind and restore. Apart from the venue the other outstanding memory was our hosts – Patson, Naomi, Junior, Sheriya, Ronald and all the extended family and little ones! Just beautiful, honest, happy people. We didn’t have operating showers but it didn’t matter! We had to buy our water to drink which we only found out on departure BUT it really in the scheme of things didn’t matter as all the wonderful memories we had from Oravae will last us forever! The day snorkeling trip was outstanding also – we had lunch at Saranegi village? all the kids came to join us play a game of soccer. Both Thomoo and Issy say this was actually their favorite thing of the whole holiday – a real Solomons experience. Then the afternoon snorkeling spectacular. Amazing to see our hosts Junior and Shiriya dive so deep just with their snorkelling gear on.
Junior’s cooking skills were out standing and immediately he noted that he knew Issy didn’t eat fish and prepared special meals for her. Great variety and flavour. We had mud crab! Sashimi, beautiful fish meals, pancakes, banana fritters! “
Melissa – South Australia (Jul 2018)

“ We really liked both resorts, felt that they are totally different from each other and therefore complement each other very well… Uepi offered wonderful above water activities, using the SUP in the UEPI lagoon during sunset was magical, chasing the red parrots was sweaty but thank god rewarding after all, we also liked the guided hike through the island… Wilderness Lodge is the “wilder” place and gives you a great insight into Solomon peoples’ lives which don’t seem to depend too much on us tourists (thank god). Romantic Dinner under the stars at the round table at Wilderness Lodge will be remembered forever as well as the Dolphins between Mbulo and Kicha Island, too cool!
Both resorts had a very relaxed atmosphere and everything ran on “Island time”, something rigid Europeans like us had to get used to but it actually felt great once we “caved in” and adjusted (no longer checking the watch 3 min after the official dive boat departure time 🙂 )
We would come back to both resorts without hesitation, would 100% recommend it to somewhat seasoned travelers and Divers as well as non divers. Thanks to you for a very seamless organization of this trip, everything worked out as planned except for the weather on arrival and the transfer day, but hey… those experiences just contribute to the overall great memories! “
Corinne – Switzerland (May 2018)

“ Thank you for all your efforts in organising our dive holiday and coping with the issues from Solomon Airlines, it was a great job!!

Feedback on our holiday.
Overall: The four of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had a great, relaxing and fulfilling holiday.

Travel: All travel arrangements were well planned, organised and executed with no major problems with times, transfers or luggage. The only slight delays were on arriving at Gizo, the boat from Oravae was a little late to collect us, they had been delayed in Gizo, and an hour’s delay on departing Honiara for Brisbane with flight computer problems.

Accommodation: Oravae Cottage was delightful overall but I will concede that it may not be everyone’s delight as it is very “rustic” with no communications (unless you purchase a local SIM card) 240v power only from 7pm till 10pm and currently a shortage of fresh water so showers were quick and getting clean under a dribble of water became an art form! The family which runs the cottage was great, each of them was friendly, helpful and thoughtful. As we were the only guests we had the choice of accommodation so Michael and Janet were able to use one of the smaller huts for sleeping and privacy, then join Glen and myself for meals and socialisation at the main cottage.

Meals: Upon arrival we were asked if we had any food allergies or there were any foods which we didn’t like. The food was excellent quality. Meals were cooked/prepared in the main kitchen of the owner’s home and delivered to us. There was a good variety in the evening and breakfast meals but what was delivered is what you got. This was fine with all of us but I will admit we are very flexible people, others may find this a little restrictive as we are used to having a selection from which to choose.

At the end of the diving day we could snorkel at the Oravae Cottage island where there were black tip reef sharks, giant clams, anemone fish etc to keep us entertained. The sunsets and sunrises were a delight and the stars were just brilliant!

Thanks again Thiago “
Robert – Australia (Jul 2016)

“ Solomon Islands is just amazing. The beautiful islands with the small villages are stunning. Uepi surpassed my expectations. The family and staff who run it was absolutely fabulous, and I was really lucky with the other guests. I found some really good friends. ”
Henrik – Sydney, Australia (Dec 2015)

“ We had an amazing time in the Solomons! We have travelled to a lot of different places around the world and we both decided that this was up there with one of the best holidays we have had.

All the flights/transfers went as smooth as possible. The accommodation at The Wilderness Lodge was AMAZING. The people running the lodge and the guides was the best part of the holiday. They were all so friendly and welcoming. We booked a guide + boat for most days to go spearfishing. We thought that literally meant there would be a guy in a boat that would take us out and back each day and that’s it… We were really surprised and very happy that we had a boaty PLUS 2 very knowledgeable guys IN the water spearfishing with us which was a BIG PLUS to us as we always dive with a spotter.

We had the most relaxing, peaceful, fun, beautiful holiday. We have already been recommending The Wilderness Lodge & Dive Adventures to all our friends, and will continue to.

Thanks so much for everything,
We will be back for more! “
Phoebe – Northern Territory, Australia (Sep 2015)