• Most international flights have a checked baggage allowance of 20 – 23 kg, sometimes up to 30kg. On internal domestic flights the checked baggage allowance can be much less. Excess baggage fees apply above the free checked baggage allowance.
  • Carry-on baggage limits are normally between 5 – 7 kg.
  • Ensure you check the airline’s baggage allowances prior to travel as these are subject to change.
  • Sporting allowances vary for each airline. Ensure you are familiar with the sporting allowance permitted on your airline to avoid excessive excess baggage fees.
  • Some airlines permit you to pre-purchase an extra baggage allowance prior to departure at lower rates than paying for excess baggage at the airport. Ask your Island Adventures consultant for more information if required.
  • Soft backpack style or duffel bags can be easier to transport than hard sided suitcases especially if traveling on small aircraft or if transferring to an island by boat.
  • Please be aware of the new security measures regarding liquids, aerosols & gels being carried on all International flights as of 31st March 2007. For more information please visit: travelsecure.infrastructure.gov.au

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